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Tim Dodd Name: Tim Dodd
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 6'1“
Weight: 191lbs
Age: 18
Known Relatives: Roger Dodd (father), Maryanne Dodd (mother), Jackson Dodd (older brother), Susan Dodd (younger sister)

Bio: (circa 2001)

Tim was born to Roger Dodd, a Bibb County Sheriff's deputy, and Maryanne Dodd, an assistant manager at the local Kroger. Raised in Macon, he has two siblings. His younger sister, Susie, is a high school student. His older brother, Jackson, is also a deputy, like their father. A quiet and reserved young man, though he was well liked by his peers throughout high school, he had few close friends. Tim seemed to keep people at arm's length, though he wasn't purposely trying to be anti-social. He'd just be daydreaming or lost in his own thoughts, and people would often mistake these moments of introspection for brooding. Thus, while he seemed to be a nice enough guy, it was hard for people to get to know him.

Like many young folks, he's unsure of what he wants to do with his life. At the very least, he knows he doesn't want to be a townie, so after high school, Tim decided to continue his education by going to the University of Georgia. His family, however, has been subtly pressuring him to become a Sheriff's deputy, like his father and brother. As such, they've been “encouraging” him to study law, psychology, or some other major applicable to a career in criminal justice. While he has nothing against the police or police work, he's not sure that's what he wants to do with his life. If he does decide to become a cop, he wants it to be because he truly wants to, not because a majority of his family (his grandfather was formerly sheriff, and several aunts and uncles have had careers in law enforcement) are involved in police work.

Tim's hobbies include running, outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and hunting, and more recently, mixed martial arts. He was on the track team in high school and is a relatively good distance runner. He's gone camping and hunting with his father and siblings pretty regularly since he was a kid, so he's a pretty avid outdoorsman. Tim only started getting into martial arts the senior year of high school, taking half a year of Brazilian Ju-jutsu in his hometown, and enrolling in a “Vale Tudo” class in Athens after starting college.

With Tim living away from home, his brother now a deputy, and his sister more into boys and other girly things lately, Tim and his family rarely have a chance to do any outdoor trips anymore. So, Tim joined the Outdoor Adventure Club in order to get more “wilderness” time.

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