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Tim Dodd, Rookie Cop Name: Tim Dodd
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 6'1“
Weight: 191lbs
Age: 22
Favored Weapons: Glock 22
Vehicle:Nismo Frontier Crew Cab

After the Tennessee trip, Tim was noticably more confident and self-assured. Whereas the old Tim coasted through life unsure of what he wanted out of it, this “new” Tim was more goal oriented. He sought out what he wanted like a hunter seeking its prey- focused and unrelenting.

It was as if he had an epiphany on that outing and finally knew what he wanted to do with his life. Perhaps inspired by Megan, he began to seriously consider a career in the FBI. The two became friends, Tim gleaning through her experience to get himself on the right track. He was there for her when she accused Mr Booker of rape after a club meeting at his house one night. He claimed it was consensual, and while the club members testified that his behavior towards her had always been borderline inappropriate, they also had to say that night she did have a few drinks and stayed at his house voluntarily after everyone else left. Though Mr Booker was found not guilty on the rape charge, he was still let go from the University for “sexual misconduct” for sleeping with a student.

Tim and Megan on a date

Tim began dating her soon afterwards, though it was clear the incident with Mr Brooker emotionally scarred her. Megan's grades and class ranking slipped that last year of hers, but she still managed to get into the FBI academy. She eventually graduated and became an agent, but was let go after two incidents resulting in the death of suspects (both serial rapist/killers), the second incident also resulting in the death of a civilian. Though she was not held criminally liable for any of the deaths, her law enforcement career was over.

Tim and Megan had separated after she left for the FBI, but they had hopes of rekindling that relationship after he graduated and joined her. With that plan nixed, she moved back to Athens and in with him. Their relationship quickly started up again, but just as quickly ended, as it seemed Megan was slowly but surely becoming mentally unhinged. Eventually, she disappeared.

She was found a couple of weeks later, in Atlanta, at the home of Alan Booker. Atlanta PD responded to 911 calls of shots fired at his house. There they found Megan, in a state of near catatonia, repeating, “I killed him, but he wasn't real!” over and over. They recovered a couple of bullets from the wall, but Alan was nowhere to be found. Strangely, a mess of dirt, twigs, and other foliage was found at the base of the wall near the bullet holes. When questioned about the whereabouts of Alan, she claimed his body changed into the pile of dirt and sticks found at the scene. With no body or evidence of an actual murder, the cops had no choice but to let her go. She was institutionalized the next day, as it was clear she was suffering from paranoid delusions.

Megan's breakdown and her version of what happened to Alan struck a chord within Tim. Something felt very, very wrong, but he couldn't put a finger on it. He began to do some investigating on his own. He started with the detective assigned to the case, Elly Rush . He managed to get a meeting with her, but just before their meeting, he saw her flirtily talking to a handsome young man. Tim managed to hear part of their conversation, and to his surprise, she was telling him about Megan's case and telling him it was as odd as some of the incidents he came to her with. Before the young man left, Tim caught his name, "Mitchell".

Tim didn't learn anything from his talk with Detective Rush, but her remark to the young man about other odd incidents prompted Tim to investigate who he was. In his research, he discovered one of her first cases involved Atlanta Judge Miles “Hang 'Em” Mitchell, implicated in the rape and murder of a young girl, his son Jason's girlfriend, Lisa. Tim remembered the case from when he was a kid, the judge was acquitted, but the girl's mom ended up shooting him dead on the courthouse steps after the trial. Sure enough, “Mitchell” was Jason, or rather JC, as he went by now. Looking into him further, he found JC listed as a witness in a couple of incident reports filed by Elly. And as Tim learned from the earlier conversation that he overheard, the incidents had an element of the mysterious and unexplained about them- strange deaths and disappearances, odd weather phenomena and property damage.

He was also able to discover JC had a sister who now went by the name Summer St Claire, another rich, good looking socialite who often hung out a club called the The Cathedral. Investigation into the club led him to several unexplained disappearances as well as a couple of extremely violent gang-related shoot outs. The Cathedral wasn't the only club where this was happening. Another club, the The Chantry, had its share of incidents, including the murder of one of its previous owners execution style in front of a whole crowd of patrons. His research hit a brick wall soon afterwards, Tim unable to find out anything more other than a couple of unsubstantiated rumors linking the clubs to a number of powerful religious, political, and business organizations in and around Atlanta. He considered checking out the clubs himself, but the aforementioned crime report about the murder at the Chantry (supposedly linked to a drug deal gone bad, but the victim had been questioned about the disappearance of several girls in separate incidents the preceding months), and another report about an individual shooting up the parking lot of the Cathedral with an assault rifle (suspected to have involved a vicious Columbian gang that mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again and believed to have been wiped out by a rival organization) made him reconsider that course of action. He was still just a college student! But it seemed Atlanta was a hotbed of strange activity, and it could have something to do with what happened to Megan.

So, he decided to change his career goals and apply for the Atlanta police department rather than the FBI, in the hopes he could discover what was going on, and what, if anything it had to do with Megan's mental breakdown and the disappearance of Mr. Brooker. Something about the whole thing nagged him to his very core. Something felt very wrong with his world, and he was going to find out what. So he graduated UGA with a degree in criminal justice, then the Police Academy. He managed to get posted at the same precinct as Detective Rush. If he got close to her, maybe he would get a chance to see one of these incidents firsthand.

So far, Tim's been a model officer. He managed to even get Elly to take him under her wing to try and get onto a path straight to the Homicide division. But just like Megan before him, he's starting to feel like he's losing his mind. That thing nagging him in the back of his head, that unshakable feeling that something is very wrong has only gotten worse. Unbenknownst to him, the real Tim had returned.

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